Ideas for Extra Income


After nearly 6 years of being mostly a Stay-At-Home mom, I have come up with all sorts of ways to save money and earn a little extra money here and there too.  It has never been a fortune but it has helped out tremendously with holidays and extras around the house.  Here are a few ideas that you may want to try out too:

Earn Money Searching the Web

    • SwagbucksIf you love to Google everything then you will definitely want to sign up for Swagbucks.  Simply put, Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you with “Swagbucks” when you perform searches on the web.  You will frequently earn 5-10 Swagbucks and occasionally earn 25, 50 or more!  What do you do with the Swagbucks?  There are all sorts of options, my favorite is to redeem them for Amazon Gift Cards (450 Swagbucks = $5 Amazon Gift Card).   I cashed in enough Swagbucks last Christmas to get $60 in Amazon Gift Cards and should be able to do the same this year.   Other ways to earn Swagbucks:
        • Invite Friends
        • Play Games
        • Take Surveys
        • Take Daily Polls
        • Download Swagbucks Toolbar
        • Trade in used cell phones, MP3 players, Game Consoles, Games and Book
    • Sign up for Swagbucks HERE to get started

Earn Cashback for Online Purchases

    • Ebates  I love, love, love Ebates – I have been using it for years and I love when I get a “Big Fat Check” in the mail.  Just do your normal, on-line shopping at virtually every known retailer and receive a percentage of the purchase price as a rebate on your purchases – that is about as easy as it gets!  Here is how it works:
      • Sign up for an Ebates account HERE (you get a $10 gift card bonus for this)
      • Next time you are going to make a purchase online sign into your Ebates Account.
      • Search for your retailer (search box in upper right corner)
      • Click on that retailer and a “Tracking Ticket” will be created.
      • Shop as you always would
      • See the cash-back deposited into your account.

You will receive an email when your deposit goes in, sometimes it can take a day or two and when you reach a certain                                       amount you will get a check!  Ebates is a must during the holidays!

    • Shop-At-Home – Shop-at-Home is practically the same thing as Ebates.  I am registered with both and always like to check both before making a purchase so that I can get the most money back.   Both companies will have special promotions and coupon codes that the other may not have so to optimize your cash-back I would suggest using both.   You can sign up for Shop-at-Home HERE.

Mystery Shopping

    • Yes, the ever elusive legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies.  Up until about 6 months ago I did a lot of this.  While it is not particularly time consuming, you do have to complete shops at certain times of day and my schedule just does not permit me to do them right now.  You really can get paid to shop and eat, you are not going to get paid a ton but wouldn’t it be nice to get $30-$60 a month in groceries that someone pays you back for?  Here is a list of some reputable companies, several that I have worked with:

These are just a few of the ones that I can personally certify as legitimate.  I encourage anyone to share any other sites and                             I will update the list.  There are a few things to remember if you sign-up for these or any other mystery shopper site;  you                              do NOT have to be a member of any Mystery Shoppers association to join these and if a site ever asks you to pay them                                      anything at all then close your browser and move on.  NEVER EVER pay to join a mystery shopping site!!!!

I encourage you to visit  They are sort of a database for legitimate Mystery Shopping companies.  You will                                 have to fill out a separate application for each company and it can be a bit time consuming but I found it to be totally worth                           it.  I would typically be reimbursed for a $15-$20 purchase on an individual shop and then paid $5-$20 for my time.  I had                           several free meals and several FREE trips to the grocery store.  It takes a little time to get use to the requirements that are                             involved in a shop however, once you figure it out it is just plain fun.

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