Earn Money with Legitimate Survey Sites

Trying to find ways to earn a few extra coins seems to be a way of life anymore for almost every family, and there are plenty of companies – legitimate and not that are willing to help you do just that.  What I have done here is provide you a list of legitimate, reputable companies that will let you earn cash, gift cards and FREE products!

While you will not support a family with these sites, they are an excellent way of earning some extra coins for vacations, holidays or a little extra splurge for yourself!

My Favorites:

  • Synovate:  This is one of the best companies out there!  They offer great paying surveys and send out full sized products for you to test!  Because they are one of the best, registration is limited and not always available.  I will post as soon as they open up registration again.   ***Accepting new applicants***Sign up HERE
  • Pinecone Research: This is one of the other best companies out there.  Pinecone Research is pretty straight-forward; you take a survey, they pay you $3.  Again, registration is limited and not currently available.  I will post when they are once again accepting new applicants
  • National Consumer Panel:  NCP is a venture of Nielsen (the TV ratings people).  With NCP you will be mailed a scanner and asked to scan the items that you bring home from the store.  You will then upload the info and send it to NCP.  The information that you send allows the company to calculate measures such as market penetration, average weight of purchase and consumer loyalty.  Every time you upload this info you will receive points that can then be exchanged for cash or gifts.  Sign up for NCP HERE.

Other Great Companies:

  • My Survey:   Sign-up and earn points for every single survey that you take!  You will even earn points for qualifier surveys.  Even if you do not qualify for a survey you will have earned points anyways.  Every 1,000 points = $10, you can either receive cash or trade it in for products and gift cards.   Sign up for My Survey HERE.
  • My Points:  Earn Rewards and Points by reading emails, taking surveys or signing up for offers.  I generally try to avoid signing up for offers – unless it really sparks my interest – you can accumulate points by just taking the surveys and reading emails.  Sign up for My Points HERE.
  • Inbox DollarsInbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining!  If you like  freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons then this is your site!  Sign up for Inbox Dollars HERE.
  • Survey Spot:  Members of Survey Spot are a key factor in Market Research.  You will be rewarded just for participating and providing your opinion to major companies.  They pay up to $5 per survey and there is no limit on how many you can take.  You can also request payment as soon as your account hits $5.  Sign up for Survey Spot HERE.
  • Toluna:  Share your thoughts and opinions on products and services to earn points/cash – up to $20 for some surveys.  You may also have the opportunity to test new products!  When you sign up, you will get 500 points deposited into your account – you can cash in the points for cash or gifts!  Sign up for Toluna HERE.
  • Valued Opinions – Share your opinions about products and companies for up to $5 per survey!  Register HERE.
  • Ispos I-say Survey:  As part of the Ispos i-Say community you will get to see new ideas or test new products and services and share your opinions.  Earn points for the surveys and use them toward cash, gift cards or charities.  Sign up for Ispos HERE. 
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