Target 101


Target Shopping 101
This is just my favorite store to talk and teach about.  Couponing at Target is actually a lot of fun and not at all complicated.
  • Target Coupons – You can always find a ton of coupons on Target’s website!  You can find Target Store Coupons AND Manufacturer Coupons – just hover over the coupon and  you can tell which is which.  Target Store Coupons CAN be used in conjunction with Manufacturer coupons – this is referred to as “stacking” coupons  For example…
    • Electrasol Tabs 12pk – $2.49
      Use the $1.50/1 Electrasol Target Store Q
      AND the $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon
      Final Price = FREE!


  • Target Mobile Coupons – If you are not a fan of clipping coupons or if you just want an extra way to save, make sure you are registered for Target Mobile Coupons!  Just head over here and enter your mobile phone # and you will start receiving mobile coupons on your phone via text each week!  When you are checking out you just open the text and show it to the cashier and they can scan your phone’s screen.  You can use these coupons in conjunction with paper coupons.
  • Target Cartwheel – Cartwheel is a FREE savings program that you use at Target that allows you to save anywhere from 5-50% on the items you purchase. Choose the offers you want and add them to your Cartwheel.  When you shop you can either open the Cartwheel app on your phone and let the cashier scan the bar code OR you can print out your Cartwheel bar code and let them scan the paper.  Cartwheel offers can be used in addition to Target Store Qs and Manufacturer coupons.
Target Gift Card Promotions – In addition to regular sale items each week, Target run’s Gift Card Promotions.  To get the gift card you have to purchase certain products.  The register will prompt the cashier at check out to give you the card.  You can ideally “Roll” these gift cards keeping your Out Of Pocket total lower.   You can use any available Target Qs, Manufacturer coupons and Target Cartwheel offers when doing these deals.
Checking out at Target – When checking out, there is an order in which to hand over your coupons.  If you have any threshold coupons (like a $5 off $25) you will want to hand this over first  or let the cashier scan this on your phone.  Any other coupons may lower your price which will not allow the threshold coupon to come off.  Next you want to hand over your Manufacturer coupons, followed by your Target Store Qs/Target Mobile Coupons.  Finally, you will let the cashier scan your Cartwheel offer – if this is scanned before paper coupons the whole transaction will go haywire and your check out time will more than double.
Target Red Card – Don’t have one?  Get one!   Choose from the Target Red Card Debit Card (deducts from your checking account) or the Target Red Card Credit Card.  This little card lets you save an additional 5% on every single purchase you make in Target stores or online at  You will also get FREE shipping on all orders from!  The savings really add up with this – I save $150-$200 a year by using my Target Red Card Debit Card.
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