Where Did I Go?


Sooo… It’s been a while.  Almost exactly a year ago, I made my last post on RHCC. Not because I didn’t love what I was doing, it was because it was time to accept that my girls are in school full time and I needed to start thinking about other ways to contribute to my family.  As I have mentioned before, my husband is a licensed Realtor® here in Knoxville and for the past 7 years I was his free labor  ummm, unlicensed assistant 😉 .  It occurred to me that while I enjoyed helping him build his business, I have probably learned enough to do it on my own.  So after taking classes and studying harder than I think I ever did in school, I passed my exam and now I am a licensed Realtor®.

Do I plan on posting on RHCC again?  YES!  I have the itch to post – especially with Christmas right around the corner (when did that happen?).

Would I love for some of my loyal readers to just happen to need a Realtor?  YES!  That would be awesome!  Call me anytime!!!

Do I love you all for sending emails and checking on me? YES, YES, YES!!! Looking back, I wish I would have been a little more open and posted a bit of my journey while it was happening but fear of failure got the best of me. I appreciate the kind words from many of you over the past year and I am truly sorry that I totally bugged out on you all.

So there you have it.  I hope to find some time to get some holiday posts up very soon and in the meantime, if you need a Realtor, I am just 1 phone call away!

Check out my Real Estate Facebook page here

You can even click on a super cool tool while you are there that lets you check the value of your home – and it’s not a crazy over/under inflated Zestimate :).

And you can check-out my other website here .

Kathryn Gibson
(865)630-2879 (cell) <—- Seriously, I just posted my cell number 😉
(865)938-7750 (office)
753 Barnett Way


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