I’m SOOOO excited!!!


Soooo….  I am pretty excited today as I look forward to a super early morning tomorrow.  As many of you know, I have had a pretty trying year between broken bones, health issues, dealing with losing a loved one and some other trials that can only be summed up as a difficult season.  I have taken a big step back from blogging out of necessity – hating that I had to make that choice every step of the way because this is my baby and I truly love to be able to just be me and (so far) you all don’t seem to mind it 😉 .

I have prayed and thought and then prayed and thought some more about whether I want to keep doing this and when I felt as though I absolutely was done I get a totally out of the blue email asking me to possibly have  a little spot on the news once a week.   Ummmm… OK!

Yep, tomorrow morning you will be seeing my face on the WBIR morning show on the local Fox station.  Hopefully it will be a weekly appointment but either way, it reminded me of why I love doing this and has put some much needed pep back in my step.  Of course it had to be on picture day for my kiddos so if my hair is standing straight up and my lipstick is on my eyelids then I apologize and this will probably be my first and last appearance.

I guess what I am saying is that I am back in.  I think my biggest issue has been that I don’t always want to offer content that is good for a day, I want it to be something that means a great deal to me and that may help or inspire you too.  Will I return to 30 posts a day?  Probably not.  I am subbing at my girl’s school, I am serving on my subdivision’s HOA Board (yes, I have lost my mind) and my crazy incredible Realtor husband keeps me busy with paperwork and receipts.  On top of that I have these 2 beautiful, bright, darling daughters that I just can’t get enough of and they are at the age that I must be present and unplugged as much as possible.   But I can return to taking care of my other baby – I started it, I grew it and I am going to nurture and build it.

The unexpected is such a blessing sometimes…

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