The Belly Button: 2 FREE Belly Bands with code 2FORMERHCC!

Use Promotion Code 2FORMERHCC TODAY!

Are you expecting?  Don’t give up on your pre-pregnancy clothing yet!   Head over and snag 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or a FREE Belly Button Body – this is a $40 value!    You can choose your size and choose from 6 colors.  I love these because you are saving money by not having to buy new pants and it just looks like you have layered your shirts.  These will also come in handy for after pregnancy too when you haven’t quite made it back to your size yet (like me, 6 years later 😉 )

How it works…

The Belly Button Maternity Band attaches to almost any pair of unbuttoned pants.  Simply button your pants to the inside of the Belly Button Maternity Band using its patented button to add inches to the waist of your favorite pants. The Belly Button Maternity Band conceals your unbuttoned pants and gives you the layered look.

Just head over here and choose your bands, head to check out and enter code 2FORMERHCC.  You will need to pay shipping on these (it was $12.95 for me).

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