Big Target Toy Clearance (30-70% off) and Tips to Save Even More!

target toy clearance

I guess when all else fails – or when the weather just stinks – you might as well go wander around Target :)  As I walked into the The Danger Zone (toy section) with my 5 year old, it occurred to me that it is time for the great toy purge before they start bringing out all the Christmas stuff.

Target has a huge toy clearance twice a year.  The first one is right after Christmas when I cannot even bring myself to look at another impossibly packaged, batteries not included item that I will no doubt step on bare footed in the middle of the night.  The second sale is a little better timed and that time is now!  OK – so it coincides with Back to School shopping but it is a great time to snag a few items at a HUGE discount and you get a big jump start on your Christmas shopping!

There were clearance tags on every single aisle at my store and several end caps full of items.  Most of the signage states that items are 30-50% off but if you look a little closer you will find items that are already 70% off.

Keep this in mind if you go to Target and see an item you may want and there are several in stock you may want to hold off a few more days.  Check out my post here about how Target marks items down – you will notice codes that will indicate how much the item has been marked down and codes that let you know if it will be marked down again. You will also notice toys get marked down on Wednesday.

While Target Cartwheel offers exclude clearance, you can still use paper coupons on any clearance deals you find.  There are a couple Hasbro Toy coupons here and over $50 in Fisher Price coupons here.  Make sure to use your Target Red Debit Card to save an extra 5% on everything you buy.


** I will let you know that the SRT Viper ride on toy was marked down to just $49 from $100.  My girls are way to big but if your kiddos want a ride-on toy then this is a fantastic deal!

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