Why I can’t stay awake anymore

sleeping woman

After nearly a week of not posting, I am going to try to get back in the swing of things this week.  Unfortunately a few weeks ago I started feeling very much not myself.  Body aches, swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills and exhaustion like I have never felt in recent memory.  When I say exhaustion I mean absolute inability to keep myself awake – 2 newborns didn’t make me this tired.

So after several doctors appointments and having enough blood drawn to supply a small army, we have finally come to the conclusion that I have Mono – again!  This will be my 3rd bout with this lovey little illness.  Most people will only ever have Mono once in their life – if they ever have it at all.  Lucky me has Chronic Mono so it can flare back up at anytime.

Fortunately this is happening at the start of Summer break so our schedule will hopefully lend to some extra rest.  I am attempting to get back on a good working schedule this week – unless I just fall over from exhaustion  😉 .

Keep in mind that I am always on the hunt for guest posts – whether it is crafts, cooking, frugal living, money saving tips or whatever you think will fit well with my site.    Just shoot me an email at CouponKitty111@gmail.com.

Did I mention it is almost Summer Break?  Yahoo!!!

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