How to get Play-doh Out of Carpet


How To Get Play-doh Out of Carpet

I have such mixed feelings about letting my kiddos play with Play-doh in the house.  It provides so much entertainment but you run such a risk of a disastrous mess – like bright red Play-doh smashed into your carpet 😉 . Despite putting down a king sized sheet for them to play on I still end up finding a little on the carpet.  It is usually just a few little bits that come right up but sometimes I end up with the big glob that has become part of the carpet.  So if you have ever had this happen to you and you have stared at it wondering how to get Play-doh out of carpet then I have your answer – and it’s actually not that hard!

How To Get Play-doh Out of Carpet – What you need


If you find the Play-doh on the carpet and it is still moist then you are going to have to take a deep breath and then walk away.   Yes, you have to let it dry.  That doesn’t mean you cannot try to pull some of it off the carpet.  Just using your hands you can try to remove as much as you can.  Do not rub it or press on it or brush it or apply any liquid to it.  Once you have picked up all you can you will want to let it dry (which typically will be overnight).

Once it is dry you will use a combination of a firm bristled brush (or fine tooth comb) and your pinching fingers to start pulling the Play-doh off the carpet.   I have a clean dog brush that I use.


I also use the wand on the vacuum to loosen it up and get anything that is already loose out of the way.  It shouldn’t take too long for it to really start breaking up and letting go of the carpet.   Once you have removed all that you think you can possibly remove you may have a few little specs left and some staining from the color.


At that point you will want to make sure you have vacuumed up all you can.   Get some sort of carpet cleaning solution and a dry rag (you can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water).  I use Folex for my carpet stains.  There has never been a stain that it has not gotten out.  You can find it at Lowe’s or Home Depot or here on Amazon.   Spray the remainder of the stain and let sit for just a minute.  If it sits too long then it will make any remaining Play-doh pieces soft and they will just smear into the carpet.   Use the dry, clean rag to scrub the carpet – the remainder of the Play-doh and the stain should come right out.   Run the vacuum over the area again to bring the pile back up and allow to dry.


All in all it takes about 20 minutes and no special cleaning supplies to get the Play-doh up after it has dried.   You can Pin this post here and save it for some time when you kiddos leave you this special little surprise :) . Also check out the Best of Real Housewives Clip Coupons on Pinterest here!

**This was Play-doh brand playdough.  I would imagine most commercial recipes are pretty similar but I cannot guarantee this will work with all brands and may not work with homemade playdough that has been dyed with food coloring.

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