DIY Wooden Christmas Tree


DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

It has been a super busy crafting week around the house and I have finally finished up a few projects – including this DIY Wooden Christmas Tree!  Talk about easy!


  • (2) 1×2 pieces of wood – these run about $1.20 at Lowe’s
  • (1) 1×3 piece of wood – $1.35 at Lowe’s
  • Dark Brown stain (or paint)
  • Green Paint (I used Valspar spray paint)
  • 2 Packs of Jingle Bells found at Dollar Tree
  • 1 Gold Star found at Dollar Tree

Wood Cuts

  • 1×2 cuts
    • 48″ (this is the “trunk” of the tree)
    • 7″
    • 9″
    • 13″
    • 25″
    • 28″
  • 1×3 cuts
    • 11″
    • 16″
    • 18″
    • 25″

Painting and Assembly

I stained the “trunk” trunk of the tree and then spray painted each branch and allowed to dry.  I found packs of 9 jingle bells at the Dollar Tree as well as a gold glitter star – I spray painted both of these brown (I am not a huge fan of gold).  I used wood screws to attach the branches to the tree.  If you choose to, you can use wood glue but then if you want to play around with angling the branches you are already committed to where they are.

I attached them all according to length with the exception of 2 that I flipped – just because 😉  I cut a piece of burlap and tied a bow at the top.  Hot glue the bells and star and you are all done!


 I originally made this for my front porch but I like it so much I decided to keep it inside the house.   You can always drape it in some white Christmas lights to dress it up a little or add a more colorful bow.


This was super easy to do and is a nice sized decoration for your home or front porch for less than $10!  If you want to give this a try then make sure to Pin It here!   You can also follow my Christmas Board here and The Best of Real Housewives Clip Coupons on Pinterest here!

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