Thank You for Helping Me Grow Flowerpot (Teacher Gift)

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I am pulling this little guy out of the archives since Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner!
My daughter and I made this last year for her Kindergarten teacher.
It was so easy and so fun because she was able to help with a lot of it.

So here we go with the Thank You for Helping me Grow Flowerpot!

All you need for this is a clay pot (I grabbed the corresponding dish as well), a plant of your choosing, black & yellow paint, a sharpie marker and a white paint pen.


First we painted…


Then we waited….

Then I wrapped the tape measure around the pot to mark off the ruler marks


I wrapped some painter’s tape around so all of my lines on the ruler would be the same length.


I added the numbers and wrote  a little message on the pot with my paint pen.


Then I used an eraser to add contrasting polka dots to the pot and water dish.

Once it was all dry I popped the plant in and Viola, we were done!
We already had all the paint so all total this was about $10 + a couple hours for us to do.

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