Vote for the Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville Best Local Blog/Blogger!


SWEET!  I just got am email letting me know I have been nominated for the Metro Pulse Best Local Blog/Blogger in Knoxville for both my pages!  AND Knoxville On A Dime is nominated for best Facebook Page!  So no matter if you follow Knoxville On A Dime or Real Housewives Clip Coupons you can go in and vote for my site – which would be so super AWESOME!

Head over here to vote – I am under the “Knox Online” Category.

Make sure to follow these rules or else you ballot will not be counted.

  • FILL OUT AT LEAST 20 OF THE CATEGORIES – Otherwise, your ballot will not be counted. In the Best of the Best categories, three of the five must be filled out.
  • Online, only one vote per confirmed e-mail address.
  • All ballots–paper and electronic–must be submitted by midnight, April 8.

How To Vote:

  1. Submit your name and a valid e-mail in the registration box, then click “Vote” in order to begin.
  2. After you have registered, you will be taken to the voting page. Select a section (Food, Goods & Services, ETC.) and vote in whatever categories you choose. All votes are write-in.
  3. Please do not vote for a business in a category for which it does not apply. For example, don’t vote for a bar as the Best Car Wash. These votes will not be counted and if we find that it’s happening excessively, we may consider it ballot-stuffing.
  4. You can leave a comment along with any of your votes. Leaving a comment is entirely optional.
  5. When you have entered your votes in any section, hit the “Submit and Continue” button to move to the next section. Once you have hit this button, you can no longer go back, so make sure you are done voting in that section. You must hit “Submit and Continue” in order for your votes to be counted. You can skip sections if you wish.
  6. When you are all done voting, hit the “Finalize Ballot” button and you will receive a confirmation email (if you don’t see it, check your junk/spam folder). Follow those instructions and then we’ll receive your vote! Make sure you are satisfied with your choices before finalizing the ballot.
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