Publix Digital Coupons – Launching March 15 in all stores!


publix digital coupons

 Publix has been rolling out Digital Coupons in all their stores and on March 15 they will be launching in the Tennessee Market!  

All you have to do to use Publix Digital Coupons is head over here and log in or create a Publix Account online.  You will have to submit a phone number, this is the number you will enter at check out to redeem your coupons.  Load the coupons to your account and you are ready to shop!

Just like most other digital coupon programs, you will NOT be able to combine digital and paper coupons.  However, unlike Kroger who honors the digital coupon first, Publix will apply the paper coupon first and once that attaches the digital coupon will just be returned to your account for future use.   This is great because you can just load what you want and you don’t have to worry about removing it from your account before check-out if you decided to use a paper coupon instead!

Do keep in mind that Publix Digital Coupons do NOT double.  You also cannot access/view your loaded coupons on the Publix Mobile App (hopefully they will fix that soon) so you may want to print out or jot down what you have loaded so you can know you are buying the correct item.

Right now there are 50 Publix Digital Coupons available.  Go ahead and create your account and load up your coupons.  I will make sure to add these coupons to the Weekly Publix Match-ups going forward!

On a side note, you CAN use Publix Digital Coupons with the Ibotta App Mobile Coupons and Saving Star Coupons.  Since these are more like cash back coupons and do not come off at check out you can use these together for extra savings!


publix digital coupons

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