Coupon Fraud BUST in Phoenix! 3 Arrested with $25 million in fake coupons!

You all probably remember the reader email I shared with you last week about finding out that his friend was committing coupon fraud.   Hopefully his actions will put an end to her continuing to counterfeit coupons and commit fraud.   There are 3 more women in Phoenix who just met the end to their coupon counterfeiting careers.  A search warrant was served on a home and they found 22 guns and high-quality fraudulent coupons from overseas worth about $25 million!  25 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

The coupons were sold via – you have to be referred or invited to join (wonder why).  I of course clicked 😉 and here a few things I found

  •  You have to  spend at least $50 on coupons at a time
  • You have to  pay for your order with a Green Dot Moneypak – prepaid debit card that cannot be tracked
  • “We welcome referrals, for your family and friends. We caution you to protect this information and only share with trusted and honest people who will not abuse or misuse these items. This means; please do not share this information with people that you don’t actually know. This includes forums and any public viewing areas or websites.  We do not educate people on coupons. This is entirely the consumer’s responsibility. Common sense and good judgement are required. No new couponers.”

Wow!!!  I gotta say that anyone who was ordering from this site and claims they DID NOT KNOW this was more than a little shady needs to hope no charges are pressed again them.  The police are saying that if any of these fake coupons are used then the user can expect to be arrested as well.  This ring of counterfeiter had at least 12 bank accounts going – one of which made $2 Million off of selling these in a single year!

Anyone want to place bets on how many “Extreme Couponing” episodes featured coupons from this site?  Head over HERE to read the news story – I will share with you if I come across more info.


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