Mamasource – Great deal on Feather Extensions and Kid’s Playhouses

So I was walking by a salon downtown the other day and saw how expensive these feather extensions are and almost had a heart attack!  Does anyone remember just taking thread and braiding it into your hair when you were a kid?  Same idea I guess but thread was a whole lot cheaper!

Mamasource has a pretty great deal on feather extensions if you have someone begging you for them.  Get 9 feather extensions for just $20 ($60 value + FREE shipping included) from NuMe.  They also come with what you need to put them in yourself.  Head over HERE to check it out!

 I also wanted to mention this deal on these cute playhouses.  For $25 you will get a $50 vocuher to Crafty Kids USA.  They have several different playhouses to choose from  and they would be great for a birthday party or just to keep the kiddos busy on a rainy day!   You can check that deal out HERE.


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