Mornings with Fox 43 Recap: Great Deals for Easter and Getting Started with Coupons

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Good morning!   If you happen to be here after this morning’s Mornings with Fox 43 then welcome!   If you want to keep up with all the deals I post then follow me on Facebook here or here, follow me on Twitter here and if you want to check out some of the crafts, recipes and some other fun things then follow me on Pinterest here.

Now that I am not speed talking ;)  here are the tips and deals we talked about this morning. We talked about getting started couponing and also some tips to help you save without coupons…

Shop less, plan more….

Grocery shop with a budget, a purpose and a list.  Even if you are not using any coupons, you can save up to 40% on your grocery bill if you have planned your meals for the week using items that are on sale, made a list of what you need and completed all your shopping in one trip (even if you visit multiple stores – just get it all done in one day).

 Cut your grocery bill with or without coupons by

- Making a plan for the week based on the sale ads – include breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Once you have a list, shop once and then make do with what you purchased.
– Keep a running list on your fridge and turn that into your weekly shopping list.
– Shop alone (or at least as alone as you can – I know this one is near impossible sometimes ;) )

Don’t just shop for the week or the next few days, shop for the next couple months.   If you find a great deal on canned goods, pasta, personal item, household items or other items that have long shelf lives then stock up.   Don’t buy just 1-2, buy 5-10.  Sales cycle are 4-6 weeks so make sure you have enough until the next time it is on sale again.

 Create a list of family favorite meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) - these are meals that you frequently make.  Identify the items that you need to make these meals and make sure to stock up on them when they are on sale.  These are your go to meals that you could make with your eyes closed.

Consider Freezer Cooking – This is life changing!!!  Grab a friend, search Pinterest for the recipes, make one big trip to the grocery store (make sure to check the ads as you make your list of recipes to make sure you are using items that are on sale) and knock out 2 weeks of cooking in 1 day.  I have done this a few times now (see my post here for my favorite session so far) and it just changes how you think about feeding your family.  You can make super healthy meals that take little to no effort to heat up.

Getting started with coupons

Start by collecting coupons and organizing them 

    1. Sunday Paper – Buy 2-3 per week
    2. Coupon websites –,,, Common Kindness
    3. Manufacturer websites and their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (great for organic items)
    4. Digital Coupons and Mobile Apps (find a list here)
    5. Grocery stores – make sure to register any loyalty cards online to start receiving store coupons by mail

 How will you keep them organized?

This is where it ALL falls apart.  If you can’t keep it organized then you won’t stick with it.  The initial organizing may take a few hours but once you find a system that works you will be a machine!

  • Binder (check out how I made mine here and get a FREE printable organizer!)
  • Envelopes
  • Whole inserts

 Only clip coupons for items you want to purchase and consider switching brands

So we all watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing – I watched in horror.  These giant “hauls” for almost $0.  Ummm… what in the world is someone going to do with 50 bottles of mustard?  Or 50 bottles of antacid?  And while I had much love for ramen back in my college days, it is just not good for you to eat it everyday – even if it was free. Just because you can get a good deal on something doesn’t mean you need it or will even use it.   The majority of food coupons are for processed food items (yep, I said it), if these are not items you want to feed your family then don’t buy them.

What I do recommend is stocking up as much as you can on household and toiletry items.   When you can match up a sale with a coupon then you should buy, buy, buy!  Toothpaste has a long shelf life and many times you can pick up Crest or Colgate for FREE.  Dental floss never goes bad and is another easy one to pick up on the cheap.  If you are not super picky about your shampoo, body wash or laundry items then you can take advantage of a ton of deals.  In my opinion, these are the items that really make a grocery bill go sky high so if you only ever coupon for these items then you will see big savings every month.

Where should I shop?

While you are starting your collection decide which stores you will shop at, when their sales start and end and what their coupon policy is.

  • Kroger ad starts on Wednesday.  Kroger doubles coupons up to $0.50 (check out Kroger 101 here)
  • Publix ad starts on Thursday.  Publix doubles coupons up to $0.50 (check out Publix 101 here)
  • Target ad starts on Sunday.  They do not double coupons but they have a bunch of gift card deals, Target Cartwheel, store and digital coupons that can be used with manufacturer coupons for great deals (Check out Target 101 here)

Now for the fun stuff…  Here are the deals we talked about for Easter and some other great deals and FREEBIES you can take advantage of right now

 Thinking Easter

Other deals this week

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I’m SOOOO excited!!!


Soooo….  I am pretty excited today as I look forward to a super early morning tomorrow.  As many of you know, I have had a pretty trying year between broken bones, health issues, dealing with losing a loved one and some other trials that can only be summed up as a difficult season.  I have taken a big step back from blogging out of necessity – hating that I had to make that choice every step of the way because this is my baby and I truly love to be able to just be me and (so far) you all don’t seem to mind it ;) .

I have prayed and thought and then prayed and thought some more about whether I want to keep doing this and when I felt as though I absolutely was done I get a totally out of the blue email asking me to possibly have  a little spot on the news once a week.   Ummmm… OK!

Yep, tomorrow morning you will be seeing my face on the WBIR morning show on the local Fox station.  Hopefully it will be a weekly appointment but either way, it reminded me of why I love doing this and has put some much needed pep back in my step.  Of course it had to be on picture day for my kiddos so if my hair is standing straight up and my lipstick is on my eyelids then I apologize and this will probably be my first and last appearance.

I guess what I am saying is that I am back in.  I think my biggest issue has been that I don’t always want to offer content that is good for a day, I want it to be something that means a great deal to me and that may help or inspire you too.  Will I return to 30 posts a day?  Probably not.  I am subbing at my girl’s school, I am serving on my subdivision’s HOA Board (yes, I have lost my mind) and my crazy incredible Realtor husband keeps me busy with paperwork and receipts.  On top of that I have these 2 beautiful, bright, darling daughters that I just can’t get enough of and they are at the age that I must be present and unplugged as much as possible.   But I can return to taking care of my other baby – I started it, I grew it and I am going to nurture and build it.

The unexpected is such a blessing sometimes…

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Home Depot Kids Workshop: FREE Chalkboard Planter Stand (April 4)


It’s time for another Home Depot Kids Workshop!  This Saturday, April 4, you can take your 5-12 year old into Home Depot to build these adorable Chalkboard Planter Stands.  All kid get to keep their craft, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron, and a commemorative pin while supplies last.

The workshops start at 9am and are on a first come, first serve basis.  I encourage you to go ahead and register your child online here - this is the only way to guarantee that they get a kit.

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6 Gardening FREEBIES: Plan, plant and feed your garden for FREE!


I am over the moon excited that Spring in finally here!  I have been itching to go play in the dirt and get my garden packed full of yummy veggies and beautiful flowers.  The only thing that could make me happier would be some FREEBIES for the garden!  Here are 6 awesome FREEBIES to help you plan, plant and feed your garden this year.

  • FREE Gardener’s Idea Book – Head over to Proven Winners to request a FREE Gardener’s Idea Book for 2015!  It is packed full of great ideas and tips for your home garden.
  • FREE Feed a Bee Seed Packet – Bayer wants to grow 50 million flowers for bees to feast on in 2015.  Head over here to have 200 flowers planted on your “bee”half, get a FREE packet of seeds so you can feed the bees yourself or pledge to grow bee attracting plants.
  • Have a FREE tree planted - Head over to Intercall and take a short quiz.  Upon completion, they will plant a tree in your honor to offset carbon emissions.  Help green the Earth with just a few clicks!
  • FREE Butterfly Garden Starter Kit – Upload a photo of you, making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly, as your pledge to help the Monarch butterfly.  After taking the pledge, you will receive a Butterfly Garden Starter Kit, while supplies last.
  • FREE Plant Food Sample - Request a FREE sample of HB-101 Plant Vitalizer Organic Plant Growth Enhancer. Make sure to check the “Do not contact me by phone” box ;) .
  • FREE Osmocote Samples – If you are hosting a gardening club or Master Gardener event and are interested in distributing complimentary trial packs of Osmocote® to participants, head over here to request your packets.
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The Melting Pot: FREE Cheesy Fondue April 6-9 (Must sign up today!)


Say “CHEESE” :) .  In honor of National Cheese Fondue Day coming up on April 11th, you can sign up for the U.S. Club Fondue to get an email between April 1st and April 3rd with instructions for how to snag a FREE cheese fondue between April 6th-9th at The Melting Pot!

In addition to the cheesy offer that will be sent to all U.S. Club Fondue members, you will also receive a complimentary box of six Signature-Chocolate Covered Strawberries with the purchase of $60 or more just for signing up!

Head over here to sign up.  Offer is valid for new and existing members.   You must sign up today, March 30, in order to get the offer.

Thanks Heather!

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Target: FREE $5 Gift Card with $25 Easter Purchase!


Through April 4th you can score a FREE $5 Target Gift Card when you make a $25 Easter purchase!  You can stock up on Baskets, Décor, Paper Party, Eggs, Grass and Dye Kits.  I am not seeing any Cartwheels to go along with this but maybe we will see some pop up later in the week.

To get the coupon you just need to text EASTER to 827438 and show the bar code to the cashier at checkout. 

***This coupon excludes Easter candy, toys, cards, food, beverages, and baking***

Don’t forget that Easter items will go at least 30% off – possibly 50% – the day after Easter so if you have your eye on something but don’t want to pay full price you can always snag it on clearance and save it for next year :) .

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Retail Coupon Round-up: Easter Edition


Well hello there my fellow procrastinator ;) .  If you are still needing to get yourself or the kiddos a new outfit for Easter then check out this list of retail coupons and then shop til’ you drop!

  • Dress Barn – 20% off regularly priced purchase (Exp Apr. 5)
  • Express - $15 Off $30, $30 Off $100 or $40 Off $120 Purchase (Exp Apr. 1)
  • Famous Footwear – 15% off entire purchase (Exp Apr. 5)
  • Kohl’s – $10 Off $50 Women’s Apparel Purchase (Exp Apr. 1)
  • Kohl’s – $10 Off $30 Juniors Apparel (Exp Apr. 1)
  • Kohl’s – 15% off entire purchase under $100 or 20% off purchase of $100+ (Exp Apr. 2)
  • Lifeway Christian Store – 30% off 1 regular priced item (Exp Mar. 31)
  • The Children’s Place – 25% off your entire purchase (AND earn Place Cash!)
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Craft Store Coupon Round-up: March 30

Toys R Us: Bike & Trike Trade-in Event (Save $10-$50 on a new bike!)


Spring has sprung and some of you may be noticing that either you kiddo grew or their bike shrank ;) .  Through April 4 you can head into Toys R Us for the Bike & Trike Trade-in Event!   Bring in any old trike or bike and save $10-$50 on a brand new one!

  • Save $10 on ANY bike or trike priced $59.97 or less
  • Save $20 on ANY bike or trike priced $59.99 – $99.97
  • Save $30 on ANY bike or trike priced $99.99 – $149.97
  • Save $50 on ANY bike or trike priced $149.99 or more

Two-wheel child and adult bicycles, along with tricycles (must have frame), are eligible for trade in during the event period. Only two-wheel bicycles and tricycles (any brand, any size) can be purchased using trade-in discount coupon. ALL clearance bikes are excluded from this event. Trade-in coupons are valid on in-store purchases only and cannot be used online.

Head over here for all the details.

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Kellogg’s Family Rewards: New Codes for 250 Points!

kelloggs-family-rewards Add another 250 points to your Kellogg’s Family Rewards Account!  Save these points up and cash them in for super high value coupons or for gift cards to your favorite stores!

  • EASTERTREATS4ALL (100 points)
  • KFRMEMBERSRGREAT (100 points)
  • MORERKTREATS4YOU (25 points)

Here are some other codes I have posted in the past that are still valid.

  • SCOOBYSWEEPS4YOU – 50 points
  • EVERYONELOVESKFR – 100 points
  • KELLOGGSREWARDSU – 100 points
  • KFRTHANKYOU50PTS – 50 points
  • MAGICOFBREAKFAST – 20 points
  • BACKTOSCHOOL2014 – 50 points
  • GETFUELFORSCHOOL – 20 points
  • EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points
  • EARNGREATREWARDS – 20 points
  • NUTRITIONINABOWL – 50 points
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